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Whenever you start the daunting task of trying to lose weight you will undoubtedly seek ways that will cause you to start lose as much weight as quick as possible doing as little as possible. You want to get on a weight loss program that will fuel your chances of losing the weight. But you must realize that there is no fast weight loss, only a weight loss plan that will take time, effort on your part and consistence. Even though there are no quick weight loss plan, there are fast weight loss secrets that if you start doing them today you will soon see results.Water Help to Lose WeightWater is very important in your weight loss goal. Water is needed to purge your system of all the toxins that it has gained for the many years that you have not been drinking your daily requirement. But water is also needed to aid the liver and the kidney so that they can function properly and be able to burn the fat rather than store it. Interestingly, when you start drinking water you will reduce your water gain. When the body does not get water on a consistent basis, it stores the water that it has. So when you are not drinking water your body stores water in your thighs, your knees, your ankles and your midsection! But the great news is as soon as the body realizes that it will be getting water on a consistent basis, it begins to release the stored amount that causes you to go to the bathroom quite often. Not to worry, this will stop as soon as your body gets hydrated.Healthy Weight LossIn order to lose the weight and lose the fat you will have to get on a healthy weight loss diet. You will have to begin to eat healthy. You can start by adding more fiber in your diet. Oats is a good source of fiber. Eat more fish. Salmon is a great source of Omega-3, which stimulate the secretion of leptin. Leptin is a harmone that will decrease your appetite and get your body to burn fat. Eat more fruits and nuts. Walnut is a good nut to add to your weight loss program. Some great fruits to eat are watermelon, concord grapes, blueberries and prunes. Eat more green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, collard greens and bok choy. Add more tomatoes and red ball peppers to your diet. Get creative. Make your plate more colorful! Have fun with your food and begin a fast weight loss just by eating.A great weight loss food is grapefruitThere has been a great hype about grapefruit and weight loss that has lead many to believe that it was just hype and nothing else. Well it turns out that the hype did indeed have some truth to it. Recent studies have shown that grapefruit does cause weight loss. The research show that someone who had half a grapefruit per day loses on average 3.6 pounds while the person who drank grapefruit juice lost 3.3 pounds. So now you have the truth. The grapefruit diet is not a fad. Grapefruit does cause weight loss!While there is no magic to losing weight, there are weight loss secrets that will help you to start on a plan and begin to lose the weight faster. Please note that a good weight loss plan should have in it a consistent exercise program and a healthy diet.For a limited time, you can claim ” A breakthrough in Weight Loss Secrets” e-book absolutely free at Get my free copy now!