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If you follow some simple diet and exercise rules, you are pretty much guaranteed weight loss.I’ll make this fun and interesting for you… forget fruits and vegetables diet talk, forget jogging on a treadmill, forget all that common and boring weight loss advice. You’re in for a pleasant surprise if you continue reading.I’m going to make this easy by breaking it down into a few simple rules.Diet & Exercise Rules for Guaranteed Weight Loss1. Spin around like a 4-year old childBet you never heard that one before! Well, it works for increasing your energy dramatically while stimulating your Endocrine System to balance out your hormones. Since hormones are such a powerful force for just about everything, when they’re out of whack… you either gain weight or have a hard time losing weight.Spinning helps to solve that problem. Just spin around 10-20 times… that’s ideal. Spin to the point of being slightly dizzy, no more. That’s the gist of spinning, however you can read more about it in my free 19 page report below.2. Belly RubSee, I told you nothing boring here. All new and original weight loss tips. What you do is rub your hands together for 10-20 seconds to create kinetic heat energy. Then lie down and rub your belly in small circles around your belly button with one of your hands.This works because the heat penetrates through your skin and into the fat cells in your belly. The fat cells then either loosen up or disintegrate. Either way, this enhances fat loss. Do this for 4-10 minutes a day. Best if you do it 2 minutes at a time, no more.3. Eat over 40 grams of fiber a dayFiber is a big key to losing weight. A can of black beans has 25 grams of fiber and no sugar… and only costs 48 cents. Lentils are also a good choice, a 1 pound bag has 143 grams of fiber in it. Wow! So eat a can of black beans each day and expect to see almost immediate weight loss. If not black beans, try lentils (although these take longer to cook). Most vegetables have a good amount of fiber in them as well, but nothing like those 2 choices.4. Take extra virgin coconut oilThe healthy fats in this oil are simply amazing for fast weight loss… I mean seriously fast weight loss. Research still doesn’t fully understand how this fat can help you to lose 5-6 pounds in less than 2 weeks, but it does for about 80% of people who take it twice a day on an empty stomach.So if you want guaranteed weight loss, follow those 4 diet and exercise rules.

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Weight loss pills and supplements are a major factor in today’s market and most importantly offer a solution to weight loss more efficiently and quickly. But as with any supplement or pill more so in the weight loss market is the fact that there is an over saturated bubble waiting to explode and its getting harder to choose the right supplement or weight loss pill to use and one that ultimately offers the best results.So what makes a pill like Powerthin succeed in such a market and does that miracle pill exist?Weight loss pills are made for one reason and that is to offer a solution and an effective way to quicken up the process and give ultimate results. There are a lot of supplements that can certainly help out in this department but there are also a lot that fail. There are no miracle pills on the market that can help you lose weight overnight that is a FACT and any that claim to do so are indeed fraudulent in there claims. But there are pills and supplements out there that certainly boost your weight loss and can most definitely help you lose weight quicker than through a natural process. All you have to do is look out for the signs and unique factors involved in the make up of the supplement.Powerthin as mentioned earlier seems to be able to fit that bill and certainly cover the gap currently in the market. This is not a weight loss overnight pill or a miracle worker but extensive research and results have shown the formula of powerthin may hold the key to ultimate results in your weight loss goals.Ephedrine which you may of heard of used to be the major ingredient in every weight loss pill and supplement because it is a proven to help you lose weight. The problem with ephedrine though is that it was actually banned by the FDA and has since left the weight loss supplement market in a limbo. Many researchers have been working to try and find a safe replacement to spearhead the march and step forward Advantra Z. Advantra Z is proven to also help you lose weight safely and quickly and signs are showing this could be the replacement for ephedrine as it performs miracles with calorie burning and fat burning. Powerthin in this case is formulated directly from that and is one of the first pills to take advantage of the weight loss ingredient. With this the weight loss pill has proven results to show optimistic results in weight loss, fat loss and inch reduction in a matter of 2 weeks which is very fast indeed, almost rapid.The main reasons behind this is that power thin is aimed to suppress the appetite while giving the energy ephedrine gave to enable you to perform exercise and reach your goals quicker and safer. Made from natural ingredients it’s a perfect example of the ultimate supplement when it comes to weight loss. The industry has certainly met its match and if what is claimed by both manufacturers of the pill and researchers is true we could have certainly found the weight loss pill future.